Daily picnics.
  What’s holding you back from turning your healthy food choices into a total health lifestyle? I have some ideas for you here…  

Creating a Healthy Food LIFESTYLE

Back to Cooking, or Korean Collard slaw
  I talk with my clients about it. I talk with my friends about it. I talk with strangers in the farmers market about it. I spend a fair amount of […]

Back to Cooking, or Korean Collard Slaw

Human Food
  Twenty-first century eating is a daunting task. If you find yourself lucky enough to have food then you often consume too much and usually the wrong proportions. “Overeaten and […]

Human Food, or What to Eat and How Much

pumpkin pie
Never argue dessert with homemade pie. Blue frosted birthday cake or a cafeteria cookie are usually worth standing up to, and Hostess Twinkies need not a glance. But lovingly prepared […]

Eat Your Pie, or The Science of Appetite

Tomato and Celeriac Soup with Fried Black Eyed Peas
  I find we don’t always agree around here. Occasionally my household, which usually operates under a relatively consistent hum of communal integration, finds derision. And more often than not, […]

A Bit Rogue

mulberry cake
Who doesn’t need a spontaneous cake now and then? I mean, need being the critical word here, and I am am not talking needy, as in a wanton, emotional fashion. […]

Spontaneous Cake