Homemade Maple Granola, or Why Sugar Matters

    Arguably everyone needs a small culinary arsenal. Nourishing weaponry to shore up our decisions for when hunger marches in and your will waves a red flag in the direction of the snack machine. Armed with a cache of automated, simple recipes for foods that easily establish themselves on the pantry shelf, anyone can […]


tomato and celeriac soup_

A Bit Rogue

  I find we don’t always agree around here. Occasionally my household, which usually operates under a relatively consistent hum of communal integration, finds derision. And more often than not, like most family households involving more than a couple of folks, the house is divided by food. I don’t want to feign ambivalence to the […]

Spontaneous Cake

Who doesn’t need a spontaneous cake now and then? I mean, need being the critical word here, and I am am not talking needy, as in a wanton, emotional fashion. I am describing that cellular implosion that will occur unless a cake is quickly mixed, folded, and baked in the next, precisely, 60 minutes. The […]

mulberry cake